Choosing a Stove

Choosing a Stove

Admin User - 08 Jan 2020

When you buy a Clearview Stove we are here to help every step of the way and will continue to support you and your stove for as long as you need us to. Hopefully you can find your answers here but if you would like to speak to a member of the team please contact us on 01588 650401.

Many stoves look the same but vary considerably in performance and usability. Clearview Stoves have been desgined with the user in mind, not simply to pass a test. We call this 'designed for the real world'. In light of recent reports concerning smoke spillage into the room correct stove design is of even greater importance.

Click here to learn more about these issues.

Below is a list of responses to some common queries. Some of these may help to answer initial questions, however please ask if you are unsure of anything or have further questions. We have been making, suppling and fitting our stoves for over 35 years, there are very few few stove related enquiries we have not seen before and cannot help with.


We often get asked whether we can supply a double sided stove. In our view it is impossible to make a consistently clean burning and efficent double sided stove. To learn more about why we feel this and the logic behind it you can click on the link below.

What about a double sided Clearview Stove?


A few of our stoves are constructed with panels on the sides at back, we call these our Solution models. These stoves are a little more expensive but in certain situations can offer users significant advantages, for example where stoves are free standing or positioned in an open plan living space. To learn more about this you can click on the link below.

What is the difference between a standard model and Solution model Clearview?