James - 18 Mar 2024

A stove should be fit for purpose and must work.

Fume emission in the room will not be hidden but will be evident both during use and afterwards and should always be investigated. Many Clearview Stove owners will have used their stove for years and never experienced any noticeable spillage, the chances are therefore that the stove is working exactly as intended and often in conditions that are not ideal.

It is clear to us that many new Eco Design stoves are poorly designed. In order to achieve best results during a test, stoves are being constructed with increasingly restricted baffles and reduced diameter flue outlets. Many of the basic principles of stove design seem to have been abandoned in the quest for higher and higher stove efficiency, with the unfortunate consequence that many users have been left with stoves that are at best problematic and at worst simply not fit for purpose. To learn more aboutstove design click here.

Over the last few years Clearview Stoves have been contacted by an increasing number of frustrated stove users who are stuggling with performance and spillage when operating their new 'Eco Design' stoves. Below are some case studies

Clearview v Stovax Stockton 11

Clearview v Clock

Many manufacturers claim extremely high efficiency figures, but test data does not show the whole picture and it is reasonable to ask what stove efficiency actually means. Most Clearview Stoves ever made are in use today, there is no reason to think that these are in any way less efficient now than when they were first made and constructed. The expecteted life of the product, the availability of spares, its construction and its usability (after all how efficient is a stove that is so difficult to light that it is rarely in use and so contributes little to the heating of a home) all contribute to its overall efficiency. These are questions that Clearview Stoves take very seriously; to learn more click here.