What Makes A Clearview Stove

What Makes A Clearview Stove

Admin User - 20 Jan 2020

What makes a Clearview Stove?

Clearview Stoves are often referred to as the industry leaders and a benchmark in stove design and performance.

Each Clearview Stove offers a levels of engineering that is unrivalled. Every facet has been carefully considered to ensure that it is fit for purpose, practical and durable. We go to great lengths to ensure that all our materials, from the steel, casting and glass to the screws and fixings are of the best and most consistent quality.

The anatomy of a Clearview Stove

Why choose a Clearview Stove?

Fine Design

It is the engineering that makes a Clearview stove special, but what really sets it apart is the design. Clearview Stoves were the first compoany to ever develop the 'hot air wash system' where combustion air is drawn around the body of the stove, in some models for several feet, ensuring that when it reaches the firebox this air is as hot as the fire itself. The super hot air-wash generates not only a ‘clear view’ of the fire but very efficient combustion. This run of air through the stove is unique to Clearview and is one of several design features that are protected by numerous international patents.

Easy Living

The result is a stove that is straightforward to use, easy to light, trouble free and simple to maintain. These day-to-day practicalities are important when choosing any stove that you will be using and living with for many years to come. Genuine Clearview Stove spare parts will always be available from our showrooms for all models and ages of stoves. Also consumable parts can be easily replaced without the need for service engineers and expensive call out charges. Clearview Stoves are often run for many years before components need replacing.

They're Hot

All our Clearview Stoves will comfortably run at maximum temperature even on imperfect wood, ensuring a constant heat output to your room and house. It is not unusual for a single Clearview Stove to provide most of the heating for an average size home.

Made In Britain

Considerable effort goes into sourcing materials and component parts from Britain. British designed and built, a Clearview Stove is that rare thing, a product that truly lives up to its name and reputation. We believe there is no other stove offering both the impressive performance and build quality that comes with every Clearview model.

So perhaps the question is not 'why choose a Clearview', but rather 'why not?'

Eight good reasons to use a Clearview Stove

1. A Clearview Stove is a pleasure to use.

There is nothing quite like a Clearview log fire, to instil a feeling of warmth and well-being. It offers a focal point to your home and provides one of life’s genuine pleasures.

2. A Clearview Stove is super efficient.

All Clearview Stoves are over 70% efficient and some over 80%, compared with 10% for most open fires. They produce many times more heat from the same fuel as an open fire, and cures draughts and smoking hearths.

3. Wood fuel saves you money!

A Clearview wood burning stove can dramatically reduce your heating costs and for many, wood is the most economical fuel obtainable.

4. A Clearview Stove can be used in smokeless zones.

Clearview Stoves are permitted for use in smokeless areas.1993 we were the very first company in Britain to have a multi-fuel stove approved for this usage.

5. You will no longer be reliant on faceless energy companies.

A Clearview Stove keeps you safe, cosy and warm even during a power cut. You will never again be reliant on a faceless energy company. You’re in control when you burn wood.

6. Wood is a renewable fuel that's good for the environment.

We believe the perfect fuel is wood. Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife and beauty to our lives and offers us a near carbon neutral fuel for our heating.

7. A Clearview Stove is safe.

There is no risk of sparks with a Clearview Stove, and they can even be left to burn unattended through the night.

8. No Manual required.

A Clearview Stove is incredibly well made from the finest materials with no wires, computers or thermostats to go wrong and all wear and tear parts easily replaceable. It’s so simple you don’t need a manual. Neither do you need to be a fire laying expert, learning how to make complicated kindling towers with firelighters to hand; just paper, sticks and a match will suffice.