Clearview Stoves - Which “Best Stove Brand” - July 2019

Clearview Stoves - 31 Jul 2019

Which consumer research asked more than 1,400 wood-burning stove owners to give their views on popular stove brands; Clearview was a resounding hit, coming top out of 12 stove brands with an outstanding customer score of  94%. 

They asked users how satisfied they were with their stove and whether they would recommend it. Anything within 70% was a good score. The table below shows you the breakdown of ratings.

Star ratings reflect the opinions of the 179 Clearview customers who were asked to rate each area on a scale from very poor to excellent. Clearview got the maximum of five stars for four out of the five areas, reflecting its position in first place. The survey goes to show that excellence is possible, Clearview has proved it. 

Clearview was one of only two brands to get the top rating for value for money. For ease of use and controlling, it was among just three stove manufacturers to get five stars. Most others got a far more average three stars. 

These results certainly show that Clearview is pleasing customers with stoves that are well worth the price.