Parts List & Prices

Admin User 08/01/2020 10:02

Clearview Stoves are able to supply genuine parts for all models of stoves direct to stove owners. We have spent considerable time and effort to ensure that all materials used in our parts are of the best quality available.

May components are made only for us and are specific to our stoves. For current models all spare parts are in stock for immediate delivery. (Some components for our original models can be made to order).

All our stoves can be easily maintained by the customer and we are happy to offer advice and instruction allowing you to service and maintain your own stove.

To view the relevant parts order form please select one of the links below:

Only genuine Clearview Parts should be fitted to Clearview Stoves, other parts will void the guarantee on the stove and may change the performance of your stove. Please specify if your stove is a smoke control model.