Vision 500

John and Mo Pakenham - 30 Jun 2021

To anyone thinking about a buying a stove, may I congratulate you on considering the purchase of a Clearview Stove.  A wise choice.  They say 'the home is where the heart is', but the beating heart of the home is undoubtedly a Clearview Stove.

We bought our Clearview back in 1991, and for 30 years have refused to be parted from it, moving with it from leafy Buckinghamshire to rain-blasted Dartmoor, two houses in sun-baked France, and now at its second address in Norfolk.  And it is just as good as the day we first struck a match in it.  One of life's perfections.

There is nothing I enjoy than being curled up with a best friend, dog or cat, in front of my wonderful stove watching the all images conjured through your Clearview window, usually much better than the television! 

John is pictured in front of his stove holding a copy of his recently published book 'Walks on the Wild Side' published buy Eye Books, a small independent publisher and neighbour here in Shropshire, which recounts the author’s 1,200-mile trek through the volcanic desert around Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. For more information folllow the link -

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