Replacing an Eco Stove

Steve B. - 15 Mar 2024

Some 14 years ago the chimney sweep told us that the only logburning stove to buy was a Clearview, so we spoke to a local stove fitter who agreed wholeheartedly, as did my brother-in-law in Herefordshire. For the next 13 years or so our 5kilowatt Clearview worked well in all weather conditions. It rearely needed a dust of the glass, was always easy to light and control using dried wood, and the ashpan only needed emptying every three to four days.

Then we donwsized to a property fitted with an 'eco-stove' which was difficult to light and control, blackened the glass every night and needed ash rermoval daily. What to do?

The answer was simple, speak to Clearview and fit another one of the 'Rolls Royce' of stoves. The result was blackened glass, simple to light and amazingly controllable, whilst using the same amount or less fuel.



SteveB, Shropshire